主动学习 is a term used to categorize instructional methods that engage students in the learning process through the use of active learning techniques. 学生不仅仅是单纯的倾听, 看, and taking notes to actively engage with course content and one another; activities may include writing, 解决问题, 讨论, 或表示(镶嵌地块 & 布伦特原油,2009).

的re are many instructional methods that instructors can draw 从 to get students actively engaged in the classroom, 包括:

  • 案例教学
  • 协作学习
  • 合作学习
  • 翻转课堂
  • 问题式学习
  • 以团队为基础的学习


的 following selected articles provide a research-based overview of the effectiveness of various active learning techniques specific to pharmacy and health sciences education.

  1. Blasco-Arcas L. 成矿,我., Hernandez-Ortega B.•F.J. (2013). 在课堂上使用点击器:互动性的角色, 积极的协作学习和参与学习表现. 电脑 & 教育,62年, 102-110 doi: 10.1016/j.compedu.2012.10.019.
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的 staff in the 创新学习中心 has compiled a brief list of relevant and reliable resources to describe active learning techniques and to assist faculty with incorporating specific techniques into their classes.  

An Active-Learning Strategies Primer for Achieving Ability-Based Educational Outcomes
格里森,B.L.彼得斯,米.J., Resman-Targoff B.H.卡尔,年代.McBane,年代.,凯利,K……. Den等law T.H., 2011
>> This is a pharmacy-specific resource for implementing active learning that was published in the 美国药学教育杂志.

>> This two-page resource describes 18 different active learning techniques and arranges them by complexity and classroom time commitment.

>> This tutorial provides an overview of active learning, 克服学生对主动学习的抗拒的建议, 管理时间和课堂的小贴士, 最佳实践的例子, 以及实施策略. 

>> Dee Fink and Associates.

>> 的 new classrooms in the Holland Building are collaborative learning spaces enabling the use of pedagogical methods that make it easier and more exciting for students to explore course content and engage with one another. 的 7件物品 document provides a brief summary of collaborative spaces and how they can benefit the teaching and learning context.

>> An organization dedicated to the study and practice of team-based learning. 


Traditional teaching methods are not the most effective way to prepare learners for the 21st century; employers demand knowledge workers with critical thinking, 解决问题, and communication skills that can help employees keep pace with changes in technology and information/knowledge. 有效地将这些技能融入课程, 通博app下载 has created three new classroom spaces that allow students to practice, 发现, and collaborate on solving real-world problems while getting continuous feedback to enhance the learning process.

吉娜驻军, 制药D, 现任药学实践学系副教授, 和詹妮弗McVay-Dyche, 博士学位, 创新学习中心执行主任, 会见了博士. 格雷格·杜威, 学院院长, to discuss the role of these new classroom spaces in meeting the needs of 21st 世纪学习者.

杜威对话:创新学习和课堂展示通博app下载 on Vimeo.


A:教室申请必须发送给系主任.  的 department chair will then gather all course requests and submit them to the registrar for scheduling.

问:一个房间可以使用多少块白板? 需要我帮他们安排吗? 他们已经准备好了吗? 他们搬?  

A: 的re are five whiteboards that are wall-mounted between the seven monitors in each room.  每个房间也有两个双面便携式白板.

Q: What happens if the person before me moves all of the 70 seats around and I need the class set up in the standard pod configuration?

A:房间的布置将由教练负责. 的re will be three “preferred” layouts and there will be signage in the room which will diagram those layouts. 学生将被要求协助设置. 教师 members will be encouraged to communicate with their colleagues who are scheduled in the room prior to them and after them. 


A: 的 technology design of these spaces is intended to promote the active learning model, 在整个空间中强调小组工作和轻松的移动. High quality displays and robust wireless network capabilities are built into each classroom. Given that these rooms do not employ the legacy Tandberg equipment in other spaces, video connections with any other global location will be made using internet-based tools such as Blackboard, Skype, 等.


A: 教师 will have the ability to not only display content on large monitors at the front of the room, but to also push that content to monitors available at each team table. 尽管演讲者被鼓励移动, a camera will be trained on the podium area for recording and internet broadcast when necessary. Hands-on technology training will be provided to each faculty member assigned to an active classroom.


A: Student use of the room is intended to be almost completely wireless. Access to the network and the ability to cast content 从 one’s personal computer to a team table monitor will all be accomplished without the need for cables, 适配器, 等.


A: 的se rooms can be scheduled similar to other classrooms and lecture halls on campus, 通过会议室经理.  First priority will be given to class scheduling by the Registrar’s Office.


A: 教师 and 工作人员 will be able to schedule these rooms for educational and/or co-curricular activities 通过会议室经理. 当这些房间没有被预订给会议室经理时, 学生们可以像使用普林斯顿的教室一样使用它们, 教职员工.




Pedagogical training and instructional design support are available through the 创新学习中心. To learn more about faculty training or to schedule a design consultation to explore active learning techniques, 请联系Jennifer McVay-Dyche (Jennifer McVay-Dyche.McVay-Dyche@acphs.或Judy Teng (Judy.Teng@3-mount.com).